Reverend Stephen Booth (stephenbooth_uk) wrote,
Reverend Stephen Booth

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  • Sun, 13:49: RT @HackneyAbbott: I was also one of the 48 and proud to support a Labour leadership who has stood up for people the Tories wanted to victi…
  • Sun, 13:52: RT @AngelaRayner: I send my deepest condolences to the family and friends on the loss of a wonderful and dedicated police officer PC Shazad…
  • Sun, 13:52: RT @Rachael_Swindon: Did you know Chancellor Philip Hammond took a personal stake in a food technology company just months before it won a…
  • Sun, 13:54: RT @Apollon101: A Conservative PM called the referendum A Conservative PM lost the referendum A Conservative PM botched the negotiations…
  • Sun, 13:55: RT @IamalrightJack: #Marr Wow! Philip Hammond, you fear Corbyn? Really? IMF say Tories have borrowed £816 bn in 9 yrs That's more than La…
  • Sun, 13:57: RT @PeterBeinart: Why do prominent Republicans see Democratic anti-Semitism everywhere and Trump's racism nowhere at all?
Tags: #marr, twitter
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