Reverend Stephen Booth (stephenbooth_uk) wrote,
Reverend Stephen Booth

I had another run in on IM with that guy who goes around demanding people write Buffy FemSlash fic for him.

jeremycrawfordj2000: hello.
stephenbooth_uk: Hello
jeremycrawfordj2000: i am sorry to bug you i was wondering if you know anyone who writes buffy femslash.
stephenbooth_uk: I know lots of people who write BuffyFemSlash
jeremycrawfordj2000: but they might not write joyce/tara stories.
stephenbooth_uk: I can think of two Joyce/Tara stories I've read.
jeremycrawfordj2000: well mine will gross them out.
jeremycrawfordj2000: it's where tara get's a human cock and has sex with joyce.
stephenbooth_uk: Hmmmm. That sort of thing usually only pops up in Willow/Tara, Buffy/Willow or Bufy/Tara. Actually, no, I've seen it in a Buffy/Dawn fic as well. Stepping out of the purely Femslash field I've read a fic where Anya magically endows herself with a penis and sodomises Xander.
jeremycrawfordj2000: what story was it in buffy/dawn.
stephenbooth_uk: And then there's been a couple where due to a spell gone wrong one of the women gets turned into a man (usually Buffy or Anya) and lands up havng sex with one of the other women and in one Xander got turned into a woman and was basically raped by a switched Anya.
stephenbooth_uk: I don't remember the title, I'm not really into that sort of fic myself. As I recall it was a site that requires a password for entry as some of the fic is pretty extreme.
jeremycrawfordj2000: so you don't know anyone who can do that story.
stephenbooth_uk: There's a lot of very extreme fic out there. Some of it works, some doesn't (some of the Buffy/Dawn coprahphilia stories are literally vomit inducing).
stephenbooth_uk: I know loads of people who could writing such a story, not necessarily who would.
jeremycrawfordj2000: oh okay.
stephenbooth_uk: YOu've tried this line with me before, and with others. The whole going around demanding people write fics for you to your specifcation is getting to be a well known joke.
stephenbooth_uk: If you want someone to write your ideas intoa fic then sign up to some lists and phrase it as a fic challenge then hope someone likes it enough to give it a go.
stephenbooth_uk: Be polite and original. That's your best bet.
jeremycrawfordj2000: [grumpy face]
stephenbooth_uk: Oh dear, did I hurt your feelings?
jeremycrawfordj2000: i am not trying to demand the story all i am doing is asking them.
stephenbooth_uk: You're demanding. That's the way it comes accross.
jeremycrawfordj2000: well i am sorry.
stephenbooth_uk: I remember the conversations you've initiated with me and I've seen the transcripts of the conversations you've had with other people.
stephenbooth_uk: Like I said, well known.
jeremycrawfordj2000: so you think they had a right to in humiliate me.
stephenbooth_uk: You set yourself up for it.
jeremycrawfordj2000: [angry, blowing top]
stephenbooth_uk: I think I'm pretty tolerant. I have to be for the work I do.
stephenbooth_uk: I have to keep my temper in the face of people acting like incredible assholes.
jeremycrawfordj2000: i am going to ignoring you now.
stephenbooth_uk: Good, please do not try to contact me again.
jeremycrawfordj2000: bye asshole.
stephenbooth_uk: Fuck you

If it seems like I've been cruel then please bear in mind that I've had several run ins with him. He's crossed the line with me and then some, this is what I was building to at the end.

There's a couple of places where he used smilies which didn't copy over (Yahoo! IM substitutes graphics for the smilie characters) so I've put in a brief description of the smilie in square brackets ([]).

I still think that if he'd stop hassling people by IM and just post what he wants as a fic challenge to a list then he'd probably get what he wants. I've suggested this before to him but to no avail. I've posted about this guy before. I'm only posting again because he contacted me.
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