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Unfriending is a violent act

Reverend Stephen Booth
11 April 1970
I spend most of my non-work time sat in front of my computer writing Fanfic (mainly Buffy), reading Fanfic (again mainly Buffy) or chatting to people in various IM networks (usually as stephenbooth_uk or stephenbooth.uk). At work officially I'm in a Technical Analyst/Lead role which seems to be a cross between Project Manager, Business Analyst and Communications Officer. About the only TV programmes I watch on a regular basis are "CSI" (only the original), "Dr Who", "J.A.G.", "Torchwood", Dexter and "NCIS" but I'll quite often put one of the documentary channels on if I've got nothing else to do. In April 2008 I took up golf.

I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

I'm pro-choice, anti-capital punishment and eat meat. I would probably give up meat for the right woman but I can't see the rest changing any time soon.

My resume is available on the web. I also have a profile on LinkedIn.

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"Amantes sunt amentes"

Check out This is True for bizarre but true stories and commentary.

I support and use </a></b></a>sema's client.

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